Facts About How To Manifest Love Revealed

hey guys this is amber with thelovegal.com and YouTube combat slash the love gap if you're not familiar with me a lot of my videos are about the law of attraction and how to manifest your deepest desires so if you're not subscribed to my channel go ahead and do that hit the notification bell to get notified when I upload new content in case YouTube does not tell you I had to recommend that you download the YouTube app because you get to see in your newsfeed when I upload a new video as well I am also the author behind the newbie blueprint to manifesting and that is available in my description box it'll be sent directly to your email please be sure to double and triple check your email address but let's get into it this video will be about detachment this video is about detaching from your manifestation or whatever it is that you do want to manifest that is a big part of the process but a lot of us struggle with how do you actually detach what does that mean what do you do when you by yourself thinking about the very thing that you want to manifest this video will cover all of that I highly recommend that you watch this video to the end I try to make things as simple as possible drop a comment here this video a thumbs up it will help me out tremendously the steps for the law of attraction it's pretty much clear your mind setting your intention visualizing the outcome of what you want and detaching from your manifestation so the universe will project it into your reality but how can you detach when we say detach it doesn't mean you have to forget about whatever it is that you want we're not saying that at all detaching is being okay with the possibility of it not coming basically you have to convince your subconscious mind that you're going to be okay regardless of if you have this one thing or not and I'm gonna tell you how to do that the first step to detaching when you find yourself thinking about this very thing that you want so that I want you to become aware aware of how you're feeling aware the fact that you're thinking about it in the first place and what aspect about it has you thinking about it so much like what is it that it's drawing you to this manifestation because a lot of the things that we want to manifest is a reflection of a need that have detaching I always notice when I detach and I am just living in my reality I'm living in mine now that's when the thing comes I'm gonna give an example for a while I have been going through issues with someone who meant a lot to me you for me it hurt that they decided to exit my life was it do I think it's my fault no I'm I'm aim if I did it I did it if I said it I said it I person so I'm not the type of person to do things to anyone then played victim or anything like that that's corny like I legit didn't do anything this time but in a situation I was um hurt that they just decided to walk about my life because I had been in my life for so long right and I had to instead of focusing on the fact that they weren't there I decided to become aware of everything that I'm grateful for around me I decided to focus on the people that do love me would never walk out on me who loves spending time with me who love talking to me you know I decided to put my energy into those things and one day I just woke up and I was like I feel really good like the energy I just felt a different energy what happened was I had a talk with myself and I said it's understandable that they're feeling the way they're feeling they have a right to feel the way they feel but I cannot change how they feel because the situation is beyond me and I live a very good life I'm a I live a blessed life I good where I'm at everything in my life is going well like grass is real green the sky is real blue and I was like I am okay regardless or if they come back or not and I just remembered telling myself that I remember having that talk with myself and that day I just felt so good like not even a faker like I did know I really felt good I always had a feeling that they would surface again cuz like I said I'm a good person I'm a good friend I'm a good you know I'm saying I'm good to the people who are in my life right so it had been months since I heard from this person and this person like when we did speak there are an s they work like it was a sign of that person I just never seen before I was like you know what I already know they're going to come back and they're going to regret walking out of my life in that day that I was just feeling good I remember laying down that like I said I ain't talked to this person two months I wasn't about to reach out again that was me detached I wasn't going to hit them up I'm not thinking about that I'm becoming comfortable with everything in my life and I'm not focusing when that and I remember getting a DM from that person that night it's okay to visualize the outcome of you having that but I don't want you to think about it so much negative thoughts come in doubt comes in fear comes in so when you think about it don't let it overwhelm your day and detaching I just want you to become comfortable and satisfy with the life that you live right now without that thing in it if you want more money I want you to be satisfied and grateful and comfortable and feel good about the money that you do me because whatever Get More Information it is that you do want to bring more of into your life you have to be satisfied with what you have right now even if it's not the best situation I want you to find the positives in that situation if it's love focus on the love that you have focus on the love that people are giving you right now the universe will bring more love to you if you are trying to manifest love from a specific individual focus on the love and from the people that you already have in your life become satisfied with that love become grateful the energy of the love that you are already getting what happens the universe will bring you more love more attention from people and or the person that you're trying to manifest when it comes to money become friends with money you know think about the positives don't think about oh I don't have enough oh this though that focus on the things that you did buy or the things that you would buy with money if you find yourself thinking about your manifestation and what you your deepest desire that one thing that you really want I want you to become aware that's you're thinking about it and if negative thoughts have surrounded that manifestation or that your deepest desire your thoughts around this subject as many negative thoughts that you have thought or negative emotions that you have felt fill it with and combat it with a positive thoughts positive emotions so for example if it's love benefits right love from a person but oh they're not talking to me I miss him so much oh I'm heartbroken Oh guess what you thinking these thoughts you're gonna continue to eat the heartbroken you're gonna continue to be hurt you're gonna continue to because there's the universe the universe is giving you everything that you are thinking about so you have to switch how you're thinking about the subject you're if you find yourself in a space where you are filled with negative emotions and negative thoughts surrounding your manifestation maybe is doubt fear whatever become aware of those thoughts and then the next thing I want you to do is feel that manifestation of with joy and positivity and gracefully how do you do that I want you to replace all those negative thoughts that you just said with positive ones if you're it may be missing somebody saying I love spending time with this person I love this person's laughs I love how this person smells I love pushing love all into that manifestation fill it up until you feel better and then what I want you to do go on about your day become aware of your surroundings start focusing on the things that you are already grateful for already satisfied with and you not only will you find yourself in a better mood currently at the moment you will find yourself in a better mood in general and once you start building on these positive thoughts positive emotions you will find yourself attracted more and more positivity into your life so detachment does not mean that we want you to forget about it because forgetting about it's kind of like oh it's not going to happen it's going to happen but it's going to happen when it's supposed to and a lot of us get impatient with the process it's not going to happen when you want it to happen it's going to happen when it's supposed to happen the universe will give you things when you aren't ready to handle it so a lot of us y'all say oh I want to win the lottery I want a hundred million dollars on one can you handle had a million dollar it's kind of even handle a hundred thousand dollars can't even manage your own money the money that you have right now and I'm saying and that's not for everybody I'm just saying it's for some somebody needed to hear that it's not that some of us are broke it's just you lack the skill of managing money anyway that's a detachment become comfortable with where you are right now become satisfied with where you are right now become so in love with your life right now and your manifestation will come detachment is huge but you have to convince yourself I'm good either way the definition of detachment when it comes to the law of attraction is I'm good if it comes and I'm good if it doesn't come but you have to truly believe that your belief system is what's covering everything your belief system is what's fueling everything with the law of attraction everything I am ever with the love get out calm if you want to download my law of attraction blueprint go ahead and click the link in my description box I got to do this click it expand it it's gonna be labeled and go ahead and if you want to subscribe to our personal channel everything will be linked in my 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